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GLYPHSTUDY (Study Hieroglyphs Online)
*Middle Egyptian Study Group* *GlyphStudy is  FREE, student led study group* working our way through various middle Egyptian textbooks in study "sections." We work as a group, submitting homework, sharing resources, discussing grammar and going over the nuances of the language together. There are no teachers on GlyphStudy but we have more experienced students who serve as moderators. *Each Textbook section* has a section moderator, and after signing on to the main list and letting Karen know which study section/textbook you want, you will be assigned a second list specific to your study section to join so that you can send in work to be marked and collated. *Currently we work with the following grammar books:* James P. Allen: Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs (3 rd edition.) James Hoch: Middle Egyptian Grammar (Be careful not to accidentally purchase his Sign List by mistake—since it looks similar. The sign list is not required.) Collier and Manley: How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself , revised (purple) edition. The black edition is acceptable, if you don’t mind checking an errata list. Thomas O. Lambdin: Introduction to Sahidic Coptic You may also ask questions about any Middle Egyptian grammar you own, as there will be other list members who use those grammars for reference and self-study, but at this time we don’t offer study sections with other books. *Textbook sections* are offered yearly for C&M, and approximately every 2.5 years for Hoch and Allen. Coptic is offered less frequently. If you join between grammar sections you will not be able to send in homework, but you can still follow a textbook section and work behind that study section at your own pace. Make sure to let me know that you want to do this and ask me about where to find study resources for your textbook section and beginner resources for the alphabet and calligraphy if you are just getting started with the language. *Translation sections* require some background in the language, either Middle Egyptian or Coptic, but new students with the requisite study—completion of a full college level grammar or the equivalent, can jump in at any time. *TEXTBOOK SECTIONS CURRENTLY UNDERWAY * Hoch22 NO DATE SET YET Collier and Manley 2021 from Nov. 01, 2021 Coptic 2020 Allen 2022 Started Feb. 21, 2022 *TRANSLATION SECTIONS CURRENTLY UNDERWAY* Nothing scheduled yet for 2022, but we are working on it. EVEN WHEN THERE ARE NO NEW TEXTBOOK SECTIONS FOR A WHILE, if you know which textbook you want, you may follow behind the most recent section. Everyone on GlyphStudy is a full member of the list,  and can follow any section they like. But if you want to participate as fully as possible you should aim to sign on for an active study section when it begins and submit work, or if you join between sections, you can follow/audit/shadow that section. You can check your work against the stored homework collations and ask questions at any point in your studies. NEW SECTIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THE LIST. LIST MAIL: We are an active list and sometimes generate a fair amount of daily list mail. If it becomes too much, you can go to your account and switch your mail settings to one of the digest options or even opt to check mail online. Please don’t go “no mail,” but use “Special Notices,”  if you don’t want to receive list mail—that way I can still communicate with you when I need to. NEW APPLICANTS---PLEASE INCLUDE BOTH A FIRST AND LAST NAME AND SOME INDICATION OF YOUR LEVEL OF STUDY OR PREFERRED TEXTBOOK. Failure to include this information may result in your application being delayed or denied. Please scroll a bit to "Group Addresses" and then do two things #1 Post Karen at the owner's address to let her know your first and last name and the study section you'd like to join, or if the sections are too far along for you to jump in, the textbook that you prefer to work with. Please ask questions if you are not sure what we do and/or if GlyphStudy is the right group for you. #2 Post to the subscribe address and apply to join the list. I am not sure if there is a place to leave a first and last name for me to see before you are admitted, so best to write me with that separately at the owner's address. Hope to have you studying with us soon! Best, Karen, your list moderator
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