If an email is of interest only to you and your section moderator,

please send it to that moderator off-list. 


Emails that should be sent to your moderator off-list include:

Notifications about late work, going out of town, dropping or auditing/shadowing a section, questions about posting work, where to find a file, and technical problems with anything list related.


Try to keep one- note posts, like “thank you,” to a minimum. If there have been too many of these type posts, we reserve the right to forward them to the intended recipient directly and they won’t appear on the list.


If you inadvertently post an inappropriate message to GlyphStudy, it will most likely be rejected – although it should still receive a response.  Don’t feel offended if this happens – we are just trying to keep the main list manageable.


If you are replying to an email, please don't simply hit the reply button leaving in all the miscellaneous stuff that your email provider adds, or retaining the entire post to which you are responding ---please edit. Some list members get their mail in digest form and it's very annoying to have to scroll through an entire series message multiple times. 


Since we realize, even with the best of intentions, list members might not edit their posts---We reserve the right to edit posts that include repetitious content, but please try to do this on your own.


Please label your posts appropriately.


Put the relevant section or section and subject matter in the Subject Header line so people can skim over topics that don't interest them or skip the section materials they are not following. You can include a hashtag for your section at the end of the Subject line.


For each textbook use the following abbreviations plus the year your section began.

#A19 (for Allen 2019)

#H20 (for Hoch 2020)

#CM20 (for Collier and Manley 2020)

#Coptic20 (for Coptic 2020)

#Coptic20Trans (for Coptic Translation 2020)

#Neferti (for Middle Egyptian Translation section reading Neferti)




 If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of traffic on GlyphStudy, you can always go to and set your email preferences to one of the Digest options or if you really hate list mail, you can check it at the site---but make sure to log in frequently so you don’t miss anything important.


Now that we are at we have the ability to use #hashtags to sort posts , and while we won’t get them all tagged, you can sort by hashtag at the site and view only those emails that apply to your section.


Try to stay on topic. One of the reasons GlyphStudy has been so successful is that we have a narrow focus. Generally speaking we don’t allow much in the way of idle chit-chat—though we try to allow for a bit now and then , provided it’s not too far off-topic, in order to promote a friendly atmosphere.


Occasionally we will allow for a tiny bit of general Egyptological news or discussion, but not that much, and we are apt to ask that the discussion be taken off-list or discontinued if it goes on too long.


We don’t  allow  political or religious discussions/debates, no alternative Egyptology posts, or anything else that’s apt to cause friction on the list.


If a given topic or post seems like it will be inflammatory or might lead the list too far astray, your moderators reserve the right to put a stop to that thread before it happens.


Same with threads that go on too long and dominate the list---we will stop them if we feel that it’s becoming a problem. Don’t take it personally.


Most of us have been on lists where there has been ill-will and in-fighting, or even just too much in the way of non-substantive posting, and so to keep these things from affecting our community we tend to err on the side of caution.


We know you will understand if we occasionally rain on your parade or stomp on your toys ( :  We are not picking on anyone in particular. Really ( :

Finally, a note about being polite to your fellow list members:

Please keep your posts polite and non-provocative.  If you feel aggrieved by a particular post, then post Karen off-list and do not quarrel about it on- list.  Do not harass anyone. Ever.

Karen’s #1 rule: NO FIGHTING, NO BITING!

Your moderators reserve the right to refuse posts that seem insulting or rude or harassing, or are intended to be hostile toward another list member.


Karen--List Owner/ Head Moderator, Strong Right Arm of Thoth, Draconian Enforcer of List Rules, Bearer of Pretentious Titles

Ned-- (Allen sections


Loren-- (Collier and Manley & Hoch sections)


Chris-- (Coptic  grammar sections)


Angelika –(Middle Egyptian Translation sections)


Sacha-- (Coptic-Translation sections)







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